Benefits Of CBD Massage Oil, Cream, Lotion

Life is full, busy, and short.

The consistent hustle of life regularly leaves us looking for ways to relax and decompress.

Massage fits the bill when it comes to answering the question of "What can I do to get some stress relief that doesn't require a big effort and feels good?"

A massage isn't just relaxing, it's also therapeutic and restorative enabling the mind and body to get back in balance.

As CBD oil and products continue to become more and more popular, big pharma and the FDA are researching this novel compound that is already providing significant relief to so many.

CBD extracted from the hemp plant is non-psycho active while still providing all the benefits of CBD. When included in a massage cream, oil or lotion, CBD can magnify the positive effects of massage and is the perfect complement to a bodywork session.

Some of the benefits of a massage with CBD products include:


CBD's ability to reduce inflammation

As a potent anti-inflammatory agent, CBD oil enhances the effects of massage by further reducing inflammation and helping your muscles relax and get back to a  healthy state suppleness and flexibility.


CBD oil can help block pain  

It is believed that CBD receptors in your body and mind take up the CBD oil when you're receiving a massage and that the effect of this is reduced sensations of pain that your nerves send to your brain.

Topical massage and pain relief products are fantastic as they can be used only in those areas which are experiencing pain or discomfort. This ability to target an area can be more effective than a more generic approach, but also used in conjunction with systemic solutions like ingestible CBD.

CBD, unlike narcotics and opium pharmaceuticals, is non habit forming or addictive, so you can feel free to use it as often as you like.


CBD oil massage hits several checkboxes for a happier mind and body 

Massage has been around for centuries and it's positive effects on health and wellbeing are well documented and understood. It sounds simple, but simply increasing circulation by manually moving and flushing muscles during a massage can have a profound impact on reducing stress, improving the state of your muscles, and even on psychological well being. 

Add to this the ability of CBD to positively impact serotonergic and glutamate receptors in the body, and you'll find that the sum of massage + CBD is greater than the sum of the parts.

Reduce hypertension, calm your ruminating mind, nourish your muscles and re-discover what it feels like to be calm and quiet on the inside.


CBD oil may help with malignant skin growth and other skin stresses 

More research on the benefits of CBD is published every day it seems. Researchers have now discovered that CBD oil expands melanin content and tyrosinase movement by enacting the p38 MAPK and p42/44 MAPK pathways. This research recommends that individuals can use CBD as a proactive treatment for skin issues and various types of skin malignancies. 


CBD oil helps fight toxins

Our bodies continually battle bacteria, viruses, and other foreign bodies like free radicals that are released as a normal part of our lives. Oxidative stress can be an issue for anyone, and ironically, aerobic sports such as running and cycling release even more free radicals!


Lastly, CBD is also known as cancer prevention agent with neuroprotective and anti-toxin properties that can reduce and even reverse the damage of these destructive toxins. 


With so many undeniable and known benefits, isn't it time for you get your next massage with a massage oil, lotion or cream?

Alternatively, purchase a bottle to treat yourself whenever and wherever it's convenient for you!