Top CBD Massage Oils, Creams & Lotions

CBD oils, creams and lotions are great at providing local and systemic relief from pain and inflammation.

If you've been wondering about the easiest way to get CBD where you need it most but don't have the foggiest idea where to start, we have you covered.

We've done the research and have selected a manufacturer with a long track record of formulating extremely high quality massage oils creams and lotions. The brains behind their operation is literally a brilliant German chemist who is more profoundly particular about the quality of ingredients that go into his products than anyone we've ever met.

This site lists our absolute top picks for the best CBD creams, oils, lotions and balms of 2021.  

Here we'll attempt to educate you about CBD topicals and how they work. However, we we'll also give you our best picks for the best CBD massage oils creams and lotions available today.  

Factors that make a CBD topical massage lubricant effective

I. The Permeability of CBD through the skin and into the body 

Fun fact: Typical CBD topicals aren't easily absorbed by the skin.

If the CBD can't be absorbed into your skin, then let's face it - it just won't work and you're wasting your money on a glorified skin cream, oil or lotion.

Typical cannabinoids have low penetrability, which means they don't absorb particularly well through the skin. 

So now that we know the problem, what's the solution?

Pura Wellness, the brand of CBD massage products we exclusively carry, uses a 100% hemp based CBD oil (100% non psycho-reactive) that uses a patented nano-particle solution. The CBD particles in this solution are so small that they can now easily pass through the dermal layers of skin to where they'll actually have a positive impact on the underlying connective tissue and muscle.

 There's only a single maker of this nano-particle CBD solution and while other topical CBD manufacturers can also buy this raw material, we aren't aware of any that do. 


The cost is significantly more and, as is the way of 95% of the world, profit margins win out over a product's quality and effectiveness.

II. The quality of a CBD massage oil, cream, lotion or topical is determined by much more than the CBD oil being used

If you're a professional massage therapist, then you KNOW what we're talking about!

Massage lubricants come in so many different versions because every massage therapist has their own preference for "slide and glide". 

Light, flowing strokes are supported by a massage oil that absorbs into the skin slowly and offers a lot of "slide" with a long "glide". 

Massage techniques or modalities where the massage therapist uses more point specific pressure and requires more friction are better suited to a massage lotion or cream.

If you've been performing massage for years, then you can just "tell" when a product has the right characteristics for your type of bodywork.

You'll find that the massage and topical CBD products on 360Wellness come in a variety of blends - and that's the reason why.

III. Quality carrier oils also make or break a CBD massage cream, lotion or oil

As you're beginning to learn, we're serious about quality at 360 Wellness. We insist on the best with no compromises.

That means our CBD massage products need to not only have the highest quality CBD - they also need to be made from the highest quality base oils too.

Check the ingredients list carefully on all the Pura Wellness and other products we present on our site and you'll see what we're talking about.

What you won't find are cheap oils like canola or nut oils, which can cause dangerous allergic reactions in some.

There you have it.

What we've shared is a recipe for a great CBD massage lotion, cream or oil.  To expand on this criteria a wee bit, here's our list of requirements:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben Free
  • Nut-Oil Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-Greasy
  • Water Dispersible
Now that you have a clearer understanding about what makes for a great CBD topical, go ahead and have some fun shopping the 360Wellness website for a solution to make you AND your clients feel great!